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Make guests aware of & sign your policies

I have read on here, so many times, partners recounting tales of guests misbehaviour or dismissive attitude to premises' policies. Usually based on a claimed lack of knowledge of same.

We have always had our policies prominently displayed at reception. We also have a check in form that makes the guest, in writing, aware of said policies and signs in agreement to them. This is done right next to the list of policies on the reception desk which we draw their attention to.

There can then be no argument over what these policies are. I've copied in our check in form below for your perusal. Please use, comment, or suggest improvement.

( It does have the hotel name and address as header.....The "TM6" area is a necessity here, we copy in the guests immigration form (TM6) in the space along with passport main page and current visa on the rear of same form )


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wendy crews

We are in New Zealand and I use a wonderful sign in AP called Wherewolf. You can put as much information as you like in the AP. The best thing is you can put your main rules on it and the guest reads and then signs it. This is an opportunity for them to question anything that may not suit them. They can not say they did not know they were doing something wrong as they have signed the agreement.

29 days ago
Leandri Klopper


Super nice post, thanks Fluff. And thanks Wendy, being in such a Technology driven world certainly has opened the doors to New ways of doing things. 

Fluff, I do suggest you make them sign a copy of the Hotel Policy as well instead of making them sign a form that asks them to just read it. We have the terms and conditions / resort rules printed on our confirmation letters and we make the guests sign a copy thereof upon arrival as well. 

One can never be covered enough. 

Keep well. 

29 days ago
wendy crews

I find no one reads signage. Even if you have pointed it out.Most guests think they know what the guidelines will say so they take no notice. You really have to get them to sign to say they have read the T&cs. Liandri has a great idea to put it on the confirmation email. Maybe stating confirmation means they have read and accepted the terms and conditions.

28 days ago

Thank you for posting this, fluff, this is really important! I hope all hosts instead of dealing with very bad situations will make extra steps not to have ignorant guest in the first place. 

We do the following:

1) GIS - Guest Information Sheet - the gusts sign that at Reception. Since I have several properties and not all buildings have Reception, GIS is available in few properties only.

2) House rules - I am working on them now, so they guests will sign!

I noticed, however, that all of this will not protect for 100%. Recently I had a guest, who attempted to bring undeclared guest (last moment, though we had constant communication), then asked for free early check-in, then left items damaged (blanket and towel, impossible to restore). Since he came from Airbnb, Airbnb paid for damages saying they are small. If that was Booking, then we will have losses (we do in fact have them, as no one is paying us for transportation and our time to buy and replace damaged items).

Things are very easy with Airbnb as they do some steps to identify the guests also. However, Booking has been always pain. I will be sending House rules together with my welcome message with the note "please, cancel your booking if you do not agree to our House rules". They are, in fact, very simple and managable



26 days ago