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Hello Community,

Just wanted to know if you have Tips on how to get a response on an easy but very important issue from the support team ?

I've been thriving for over a week now with little of reaction, which mainly tells me they will get back to me! 

On my extranet I have 4 phone numbers that they assure will be more than happy to assist me. But after 8 days, tens of calls, I couldn't get hold of anyone of them, EVEN ONCE !! 

Any help on how to get a response from them will be much appreciated.

Thank you.

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Which country are you in? Are you in high season now (BDC much busier with enquiries).

Are you calling a local office i.e. is there a national office you can call instead?


If your problem is not guest specific it may be worth asking here. many experienced hosts lurking in the dark waters...

6 months ago
Apartments Darko

Same problem for me, can't get to talk to anyone. If I send a message, I have to wait for a week to get an answer. Some situations can't wait.

They changed the answering system, so now whenever I want to call I have to write the reservation number, and when I write it the call gets hanged up immediately. This is really frustrating.

6 months ago
Nafaa Ghozzi

I'm in Tunisia, and IT IS high season. We do not have local offices but we're attached to the Moroccan offices. 4 landlines do not answer !!

I'm managing 2 hotel properties on Booking.com. The first is going without any major issues. For the second, sales have been opened for few days then been closed with no prior notice. After 1 week, and many messages of the type "we will get back to you soon" I got a valid response explaining that I did not introduce the Location Confirmation Code. But on the extranet, at that time, they show that I have still 2 weeks to introduce this code (the time needed to receive this letter by snail mail) . 

Below I happily share my last message to Booking.com , that will explain the extent of my frustration :

"It's been 6 days since you told us that you would answer in 3 days. It's been 1 week since I sent you my last message. It's been 12 days since we first reported our issue. It's been 2 weeks since sales are closed on our property. In conclusion, it's been a very big disappointment to treat with The World's Largest Online Reservation System's Support Department."

Any Tips how I can solve my problem ? Before I decide to drop booking and concentrate on Expedia or any other OTA ?


6 months ago
Don Burns

The San Francisco, California phone number for hosts, which works best for me, is:  415 633-4075

4 months ago
Maria Bohr Frank

I really need to get in contact w Booking, several problems and unaswered questions. f ex- why do you withdraw money on a booking 11days ahead when I have free cancelling 7 days?? Why doesnt my answer on a review show,? Why cant guests easily find how to print a reset? When I call 0046851758040 they ask for "bekräftelsekod" ?? 

3 months ago