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Misconduct from Feb

Hi there

We recently took over as managers, in February this year we had two guests stay who smoked in their room, had a fight (bottle was thrown against the wall) and walked off without paying (We tried taking payment after they left) and we spoke to our manager at the time who said he would deal with it and didn't.

We had a call from the police about it a few weeks later but didn't hear anymore, last night the main booker booked here again (so evidently our manager didn't report them for misconduct) for tonight, We messaged the guest via here explaining what happened last time and said on this occasion we would allow them to stay, we took prepayment as if it didn't go through then we wouldn't have allowed them to stay at all. 

They arrived and 'hadn't see the message' and we gave them a copy along with an invoice for the deep cleaning and room from last time, they argued a little with us and looked confused when we mentioned police (they were the only guests staying here that night) and I assume she perhaps didn't want her partner to know she called the police (or vice versa), we managed to get the cost of the room but not the cleaning. They went on to order food and complained to high heaven about the cost, I explained we were hotel and while our prices aren't expensive, they are going to be more than a chain restaurant.

We would like to be able to blacklist them but without just cause this time, is this something we can do as the actual reason why we want to blacklist them was from months ago.

Just need some advice as we really don't want them staying with us again as they are more trouble than we would like.


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They won't be staying with you in future that's for sure. You can report a misconduct and block them for staying at your place after the check-out, not after months.

2 months ago