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New Badge Idea's !!

Ok, So right now - there are just 6 'Badges' you can earn...

Here are some Idea's for new Badges...
to reward the right sort of Forum Activity, Feedback and Behavior.

Nuts and Bolts:

Submit idea's to make better ?

Submit idea's to make this forum better ?

Golden Nuts and Bolts:

Submitted idea's are actually - developed or considered by the Dev. Team.

Increase the Ranks:

Get more people to get involved in this forum / ( get more people to signup on )


Some more 'unusual' idea's...


We don't qute understand - We request you post in your 'own' language - and we 'translate'

Angry Icon:

if you Rage Post - you keep the 'Badge' even when the post gets deleted.

The Warhol Award:

Posting random 'Spam' all over the forums

Lost & found ?

Able to 'Suggest' a post be 'moved' from where it is - to another place ?



Pro Photographer Badge:

Submit your best property photos - and earn a badge. ( has the right to use the images. )


Some Reward idea's ?

Allow 'Super User' - to submit for review - and if successful, an unfair / bad review can be deleted.

Maybe Super User - can see some 'awards' that regular users can't see.  Like 'Angry icon' or Warhol Award... 

Allow Super User to see a users property listing ? ( on condition they do not share this information. )

for example - it's easier to see why someone is having trouble getting 'bookings' - maybe they have just bad / dark photos...  or maybe now there are 10 'better' listings in the same area.

As this site is more about users helping users. - why not let people earn the chance to do it better.


Pro Level - Super User.

- Request Permission to 'view your property listing'...   user needs to agree.

- Access the Date of all Profile Listings: ( within 50 Miles )

So you can then give better feedback...

Example:   3 years ago, you were one of 5 properties in this area,
now there are 25, this could explain the decline in your summer bookings.


Find a Photographer in your Area...?

Allow Photographers to offer services to assist fellow '' members get better photos ? - I'm not sure if people would be willing to help the neighbors, create better profile listings ?

Restrict this to 'Property Owners living in the area'

Please add your own idea's...  I look forward to reading them.


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Thanks, and yes, this 'group' is tiny - considering how many properties must be listed online.

Lets see if we we can get any progress.

1 year ago

Me: 11 days ago... " Lets see if we we can get any progress. "
And... Nothing.

( Sound FX: ) " Crickets... "

The Truth is, I care less about 8% or 18%
- I earn more from the bar, meals and boat rental.

for me it's more about - " We do listen, We will fix. "
- or... " We don't seem to care... "

1 year ago