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Online reservations missing address

Why is it not required for online bookers to enter their address? When someone books 5 or more rooms online and their address is missing, it can be time consuming for the front desk to have to enter the address one by one plus it make for a longer check in if it is for a group. Not to mention other guests behind them waiting to get checked in. Booking should understand that this is not very partner friendly? Couldn't the website development department remedy this? I'm sure most hotels can agree that this needs to be changed. 

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In the extranet there is a tab called Policies. There you can require and address. If you don't purposely request, BC wont require it. The bigger problem with no address is that Visa & Mastercard both use a system to verify that a Charge is Valid. It is called the AVS or Address Verification System. It uses the Numerical portion of the address and the Zip Code along with the CC number to verify the charge was authorized. If a guest files a dispute for any reason and there is no address, you loose the dispute.

1 year ago

I insist that on the reservations for "The Cozy Cubbyhole" B&B there is the address of the booking guest!

Dr. Renee Bergbauer ID 1357772

11 months ago