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Openly racist and xenophobic comments at

Recently we have received openly racist(xenophobic ) comment from the guest.

We are located in Europe: the couple arrived at our B&B, bombarded staff with special requests like breakfast in bed at 6.00, only gray bread,etc, then published devastating comment about the receptiopnist and cooking lady who worked that day

Quote(judge for yourself):"L'accueil limite par un monsieur s'exprimant avec difficulté en français et se disant provenir des Pays-Bas. Une dame vissée sur son ordi, tournant le dos et ne comprenant quasiment pas le français. Je pense que ces deux personnes peuvent provenir de l'est. Roumanie peut être ... Le cadeau de bienvenue, chocolat ou bière que nous n'avons pas reçu. Pour l'accueil je pointerai 1 sur une échelle de 1 à 10."

Translation "The reception is limited by a gentleman expressing himself with difficulty in French and claiming to come from the Netherlands. A lady screwed on her computer, turning her back and hardly understanding French. I think these two people can come from the east. Romania can be ... The welcome gift, chocolate or beer that we have not received. For the reception I will point 1 on a scale of 1 to 10."

I need to say that "difficulty in French" is simply having an accent which my associate(indeed Eastern European) has.

Anyone had similar experience, and how you deal with it?

Their comment is proudly hanging at the still. Is there anyway to ask to remove it?



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Thuild - Your …

Dear Nicholas,

BDC can review guest comments if you report it.

Just go to messages (with BDC) and select the topic Reviews. Add the booking # to the message and then explain what you wish for them to review.

If they find it that it violates the guidelines, then it will be removed.

Please note that they will not automatically remove these because there isn't enough manpower to do that and that sometimes, like this time, the guest's comment can be a little racist, which the software will not pick up directly.

If it will not be removed, just make sure that you reply to that comment in a very professional way, calling out the racism and unacceptable guest behavior. It's your property and you're entitled to a reply, make it shine.

Best regards,

Zsolt -

1 year ago

Never known to remove reviews ever, even if they seem totally unfair.

I do hope you get some where.

It would be nice at times if we could review guests like they do on Airbnb..

1 year ago

Reviews on BDC are usually how most small players get guests. Thing is some people have a bad experience from the time they arrive in a country and that spoils their mood for the rest of the stay and will likely give a bad review regardless of good service. once a review is up we have no recourse with regards false or malicious claims in reviews so best solution is to politely reply. Most of the time it is one bad review in 20 reviews and the reviews after are usually positive so any guest reading reviews would recognise that it was just a once off issue.

1 year ago

Another thing is that, some guests assume a review is a highlight of bad things and not a review of the whole experience. Some will look at the negatives only and that could also be as a result of the review options that BDC has up

1 year ago

Fully agree with previous comment from Njabulo. However, when you look at your title and explain this is openly racist and xenophobic, I also believe you are overreacting: The guests did not understand the accent, properly identified the reason, and commented on the fact that their welcome experience was sub par. This is not openly racist or xenophobic.

1 year ago

Hi European Connection ,

Sorry we are joining this thread so many months later! We did not know about this community and we think it is very helpful to share our experiences here as to make BDC make certain improvements.

We are not very certain about how BDC manages comments, but we do know that removing comments unless there's something obviously racist might be difficult.

Acharamel , it might not be obviously racist, but it is. If a person has an accent, you can write down a comment saying that the personnel was not very fluent and it was not very easy to understand him/her but, by adding up where the guest guesses the staff was from is a subtle "warning" for future guests and letting them know the staff is not French. What for? I do not think it is something needed to be said.

Going back to the racist/xenophobic comments/ratings, our property (in Madrid, Spain) is run by Asians. It is a family business but I am a Spanish born Chinese, meaning that I can perfectly speak Spanish. Since it is a small property, we do try to reach all our guests to ensure that everything is alright and that we are very happy to host them, as well as to provide them with information about how to get to our lodging, obviously, with a perfect written and spoken Spanish.

We have had a couple of situations where we could immediately tell by the looks of their faces when they saw us and talked to us that they were not pleased, unlike how they behaved when talking on the phone or messaging.
Unsurprisingly, we had a low rating when it came with staff when our average rating is 9.6/10. In those cases we received a low rating of 5/10. Coincidence? We do not think so.

Bad thing is, again, that they did not write down any comments, so we could not reply to the bad review.

There should be, at least, a way to reply ratings without comments.

8 months ago