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I had today an overboking I want to delete the reservation, what can I do

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Linda Rain-buettner

Hi Destilleweier,

I have the same problem and have no possibility to make changes in my calender. What was your solution?

Kind regards,

The Cozy Cottage

1 year ago

Hi Destillweier

I have had this problem as well - 4 overbookings in one week. I was told by that this was my fault and I would have to find an alternative accommodation for these guests and pay any additional costs for them.

You cannot delete overbookings and is no help in resolving the problem you are left to sort it out yourself. Once a booking is made you must accept it.

I have one room to rent and from the start of my listing, this was always the case. I looked at my calendar and for some strange reason, it showed 2 rooms to rent every day over a 20 day period, the same period when these double bookings occurred.

I checked further and discovered that one customer had booked and then cancelled these 20 days. It also showed that there were bookings made shortly after this cancellation and these were then double booked later. I believe I have discovered a software bug in the system that sometimes causes double booking by increasing room availability after a cancellation. refuses to acknowledge this and still blames me, the property owner.

I am in business, therefore, the system I choose to use, good or bad, is, in fact, my fault I accept this principle. I have therefore blocked all available rooms for the rest of this year and I am reconsidering my relationship with unless they can assure me that they have fixed this bug or at least acknowledged that it might exist.

Other systems allow time to confirm or reject a booking and this would prevent double bookings, this would be a solution.

1 year ago