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I have overbooking from 2018.07.28 to 2018.07.29, how I can to solve this problem?

It's my first time. I haven't had this situation before.

Best wishes, 


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Asad Chaudary

The easiest thing would be to explain the situation to the guest and politely ask them to cancel their booking. They still have time to find an alternate place to stay. I've only overbooked on two occasions, and on both occasions, the guest was kind enough to cancel from their end resulting in no extra charges for me.

If the event the guest refuses, then you would be obliged to find them a another place to stay that is of similar (if not superior) standard to your place. You would obviously need to bear the costs in re-locating them.

If you are unable to find alternate accommodation, then the last resort (which you really want to avoid) is for Booking to find them something. More often than not, they'll find something way too expensive...... oh, and guess who needs to pay??

But really, try to resolve this as soon as possible and don't leave it right to the last moment.

Good luck.

1 year ago

Very good reply by Asad Chaudary.

I had overbooking one time and called to for relocating guest. It was 1month before his arrival, he was relocated however for next month I got invoice for ~25EUR for relocating expenses :)

Funny because it's 1 month before his arrival, so he is not near my apartment door, so he would need to take additional taxi, anyway he would need to take a taxi from airport to any apartment or if he is with his own car so it doesn't matter for him at all to which apartment to go. But I got 25EUR to pay, it was not big deal as I had 2 weeks stay for that period.

But for one night it might be too expensive.

Another option what you could try is to find apartment nearby so it would be similar or better quality and book it for that person, so when he comes you can meet him and show another apartment. I don't say it's a good option, but it's an option :)

Good luck.

1 year ago

I have two reservationfrom in the same time, the first from 12 to 22 and the second one who reserved yesterday (from 18-22) don't want change, she said her reservation is valided.

From yesterday I explain every thing incluse I'm looking for a good accommodation for their but they don't care What can I don now?? I need help from booking and cancel their reservation.

They canceled around 4 times but again come back with their reservation.

Thank you for help, Nora Esquivel

10 months ago

Sometimes little bugs in the system happen. Just make sure your room allocation is at the correct number so you don't get any more double bookings.

The second reservation is the double one which needs to be reallocated. I would look up listings in your area of similar pricing and call to speak to a rep and ask them to help with relocation and also ask IT to look into the listing.

Just send a message to the second guest, saying I am sorry that a double booking as happened, we are looking into why it has happened but in the meantime our first priority is to get you booked in elsewhere, The other guest had booked prior to you so the reservation stays , I am working with to facilitate this and we will be in touch shortly.

10 months ago

Noraesquivel515, if you cannot agree with guests, just write to Booking in Extranet or better call them and tell your situation.

Because you cannot accommodate 18-22 guests so you can ask Booking to find other place for them, they will contact guests and should find some solution. Of course there might be some relocation expenses as I wrote in my messages above, but you are having 10nigths stay it won't hurt you much.

Good luck!

10 months ago