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" The OWNER is a THIEF "

Where does draw the line when a guest is allowed to accuse a host with a libelous claim of being GUILTY of CRIMINAL ACTIVITY ? or can any guest say whatever they like about a MOST VALUED PARTNER?

I was accused of being  a "THIEF" by a disgruntled guest who decided to declare a dispute for a non-refundable booking where he checked out early the day before @16h30 and which was rejected by - he then decided to malign me and our sold 9.7 Review Score dropped to a 9.6 - I have complained but the REVIEW will stand even though the proof for the MOTIVE is clearly before B.C.

What if I was labeled a RAPIST or MURDERER? would you also allow that the be published? This is the 3rd incident of GUEST MISCONDUCT and despite proving my side as being innocent your attitude to me your CLIENT to whom you have shown no RESPECT is disgusting and I believe that CHANGE needs to HAPPEN soon!

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