Pet Friendly Guesthouse

If you as a Host truly want to make your Guesthouse a memorable one, then consider the idea of allowing Pets to come along with there owners. 

It makes the guest feel a sense of warmth and security whereby in doing so, you also creating the illusion of 'home away from home' concept. 

I often have guests who come and stay at my Guesthouse as we have all the facilities to ensure that all fluffy guests are equal in treatment as that of the owners.

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I bet the fluffy guests get more attention!!!

1 year ago
M Adamopoulou

Oh!!! how cute... but there is so much cleaning afterwards...and some guests are allergic to our fluffy little friends.

I started pet friendly but this year I changed it although I love pets. Too much hair everywhere, even in the fridge....

Have a sunny day....

1 year ago

I think there has to be a lot of forethought that goes into allowing for pets in your hotel. As one poster already mentioned, while some guests love pets there are many others who have allergies and will not book with you if they see that you allow pets. On the positive side, being a pet friendly accommodation has earned us some very loyal customers because their options are limited.

Here are some things that we considered when deciding to be a pet friendly location.

1. Our building has all tile flooring, which makes clean up of pet hair and dander much easier.

2. We limit the size of pets allowed in our hotel to minimize the potential damage that can be caused by larger animals.

3. We have a set of rules for guests with pets that makes it clear that they are responsible for cleaning up after their own pet and that there are charges for each time we must clean up after them.

4. We provide information about where guests can walk their dogs and dispose of bio-waste.

We have had very positive experiences with pets and for us it has worked out very well. We love meeting our guests pets and it can make for a great atmosphere.


1 year ago
Brendan Kerchoff

Thank you to everyone for your lovely comments, greatly appreciated indeed.

Have a great day .....much love

1 year ago