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Red State after external Platform Synch

Dear Community,

might be someone an help me out with some struggles on the synchronisation part. I added a webpage (i am the admin from the owner of booking com and was told to integrate it into a website) and inserted the links according to the instructions of my plugin and with the instructions of booking com how to. After synch happend some of the blocked (yellow with Exclamation Mark Legend) they got red and closed. The red ones do not reflect on the external linked platform, all others do.

Can someone here tell me how to set it up correctly so i do not get red states on each process? maybe someone already has experience with wordpress bookingcalendar plugin and booking com connections? The vendor of the plugin checked all linked things and they seem to be good inside wordpress. Why do some of them produce a red state and how can it be prevented? Is it a config inside  booking com i miss?


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