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removal of reviews with out intimation , reason and explanation

My question is , is it a crime to get a review from a guest writing a comment what he or she pens down about what they feel of their stay be it negative or positive , isn't it our wright to ge a review , dont we have the wright to  know why a review is removed without provocation from public view , why dont you inform the guest about the removal , why not you have a criteria on what kind of comments are permissible and whats not  , i get my reviews through hard work and dedication its what you tutor us to do ( be calm , be adjustive , be dedicated , make your guest feel at home , keep them comfortable ) we do all this and when some SOB sitting five thousand miles away who has no idea about how we get our reviews and the same being removed it hurts real bad . i feel dejected by your  ISIS kind of attitude  , pay or we will cut your throat , most home stays in Fort Cochin feel the same about your ideology . Change your attitude before the home stays change you be more user friendly so we can put our trust in you and stay in a comfort zone .     

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So what was the problem exactly? removed a review that the guest has published for your property? Are you sure it was Was review published anonymously?

1 year ago