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Sending an offer to customers who have booked previously

Is it possible to send an offer to customers who have stayed before through . I have tried to open older messages with earlier customers but the dialogue box seems to be inoperative. Does it "time out" after a certain period of time?

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Leandri Klopper

Hello there,

It's a very interesting question, and I can admit that I'm not completely sure what the answer is. But I do know that takes the Client's details and the privacy thereof very seriously. A client can't even send you their ID nr via the Extranet.

You won't be able to be active with a past reservation at all as it gets completely deactivated.

Perhaps you will need to write down the details in a book but just keep in mind that some clients might be upset if you do that. I would suggest asking them if you can send them promotions.

Hope this helps a little.

1 year ago
Emma Jennings-Frisby

We would love this function too! I would be concerned about taking down guests details, particularly with the recent permission rights with regards to individuals personal information. A function on which at the front end would enable us to send a promotion to all previous guests"....behind the scenes, all email addresses are withheld until a guest gets in touch. This would be awesome.

1 year ago
Angela @Promhills

We ask the email of all our guests on a checkin form with an opt in tick box for promo deals via email. Most guests complete their email address and tick the box to OK us to send to them. We've compiled a large mailing list and send emails (occasionally) using a mail program, Mail Chimp. You could create several mailing lists if you want to specifically target guests or guests who book via other means.

1 year ago