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Show and Tell: Your guest welcome email

What are the essentials guests need to know before they arrive?

Share what's in your guest welcome email with the community in the comments below.


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Angela @Promhills

My welcome email sets out our check in and check out times, and requests an ETA. It give directions on how to get to us. Links to the current weather and links to things to do in the area. We have a comprehensive online guest book that is very detailed with many FAQ's answered, our welcome email also provides a link to that.

1 year ago

I have a quick template, I always send using PULSE, as soon as my phone beeps with a special ringtone...


Thank you for your booking at [PROPERTY_NAME]. We are delighted to host you from [CHECKIN_DATE] for [CHECKOUT_DATE].

Our facilities are easily accessed on a “self-check in” basis (if you have a local cell phone, I can set it up to open the driveway gate) however, please let us know your expected arrival time, and we will be sure to look out for you at Suites on 74. I am also on WhatsApp (+27 MY NUM BERR) and adding me as a contact can be helpful as we can communicate around your arrival.

We provide coffee, tea, milk, sugar and rusks in the apartment's kitchen as part of the service.

If you have any special needs, please let us know so that we can make your stay as comfortable as possible.

We will prepare an invoice for the total price and present it to you for payment when you arrive. If you would like to see specific personal or company information on the invoice, do send us the details and we will make the updates.

We will contact you with a request for a deposit and re-confirmation if another guest requests the same dates and we have not heard from you.

We look forward to welcoming you to Suites on 74!

Kind regards,

Gisela Wullschleger

It usually gets a "Thanks" type response, and sometimes a special request follows, mostly the guest then calls me directly to discuss something. When they are silent, and they are arriving within a month, or there is demand for the apartments, I send this one....



Please reconfirm your reservation to stay at Suites on 74 from [CHECKIN_DATE] urgently. We are sending you this message because we have not heard from you and are receiving enquiries for the same date from other potential guests.

We look forward to being of service!

Kind regards,
Gisela Wullschleger

Suites on 74, Worcester


And If I don't hear from them I send them a quick short ultimatum about payment by electronic funds transfer, to which most reply swiftly, usually by calling my number or messaging me. If they don't I open the room by adding a room on the calendar, and I start initiating the cancellation process which booking,com allows on the extranet.

I get a lot of people saying how much they love receiving my messages! On the day they arrive, I sms them to tell them when the room is ready, where to find the keys, how to enter at the gate, where to park, what time the staff are available to meet them and what they should do if they arrive late. On the day they leave, I message them to indicate whether they need to leave by check out time, or if they have an hour or two lee-way on departure time, which staff member is on duty to bid them good bye and where they should leave the keys.

Over-communicating is really not a concern!

1 year ago
Laura, Communi…

These are great tips, thanks to everyone who has already shared!

Email templates are a fantastic time-saving tool. If you haven't set one up already, we have a quick guide in our Partner Help Centre.

Angela, can you share a bit more about the online guest book? This sounds like an interesting tool that other partners might like to adopt. :)

1 year ago
Angela @Promhills

Laura - I created my online welcome book through a company called TouchStay - They have a basic template that you customise and add menu items specific to your own property. It ends up as a website layout comprehensive FAQ.

Cassid - I link to a page on my own website - - it lists everything I can think of to do within about a 45min radius.

1 year ago
Houda Auclair

Angela Thank you for sharing. I just registered on touch stay.

Merci ;-)

1 year ago
Leandri Klopper

Hi everyone!

Awesome ideas! I love the short and sweet of it.

Because of my non-refund, pay by card, prepayment required-policy the first message I send includes a Payment schedule. Eg.

Days before arrival: More than 30
Payment due: Deposit of 25%
Scheduled for: DATE

Right underneath the date the payment is scheduled to go off, I inform them that should they wish to make alternative arrangements they need to contact me before the payment is executed. This works like a charm! And it also avoids chargebacks from the bank where the guest gets a deduction 2 days after booking and in a paranoid confusion phones the bank to report fraud.

MikeM, had an awesome idea of posting information as a Photo on the resort description, I will be testing it soon.

Thanks for all the insight forum-ers!

1 year ago

So helpful to have the email templates and can adjust them for the specific guests.

1 year ago
Corinne Orde

Thank you all for these excellent ideas. They prompted me to create an FAQ page on my own website, with the answers to many of the questions that my guests ask most often. I'm sure I'll be adding more as time goes on! In my confirmation email on Pulse after a booking has come in, I state: "If you have any questions, some of them may already be answered here".

1 year ago
Laura, Communi…

Hi Clairelouiseduplessis, welcome to the Forum! We'd love to see the finished product :)

If you have any go-to tools or time-saving tips that could help the community, please feel free to start a new post too!

Happy posting,


1 year ago

Well I learned a little something from this thread.

For two weeks now I have been using my new improved welcome email.

Before it was a simple & automated confirmation reiterating the booking details.

Now it has a more cheery, informal greeting, basic map, most pertinent policies and then a personalised section containing a thanks for any extra information already given (e.g. arrival time) and/or a prompt for required information e.g. I just sent one for a parent and child booking, they booked a double bed so I have asked if they would prefer two singles (which deliberately do not appear on our OTA listings).

Anyway, upshot is noticeably improved communication with future guests and comments of already feeling well attended to. :-)

Thanks for the pointers that I really should have had in place already!

1 year ago
Bandara Hotels…

Our standard welcome letter/email is just reconfirm just booking details with us. We also put important about check in time, check out time, transportation from airport to hotel, hotel map, hotel contact number address in English and in Thai (local language).

And sometime if in hotel or around hotel have any event during guest stay, we will also add these information as well.

And lastly we will try upsell room, F&B event, spa before guest arrival with special deal.

1 year ago
Leandri Klopper

Hi All!

So I've recently learned of a very valueable procedure that has in place for bookings that were made without a Credit Card.

Should you wish to cancel the reservation because the guest has not paid before your deadline, needs the following to show on the Extranet either via Msg or Email:

1. The banking details where the guest needed to make the payment into
2. The due date of when the payment was supposed to be made
3. The amount due.
4. The currency of the payment requested.

If they see all this on the email/msg, and it has been 24 hours with no response from the client, then will cancel the reservation! Which means you won't have to request it yourself and wait 7 years for the client to accept the cancellation.

The reason why I am posting this here... these details now form part of my Welcome email, for Every booking (whether they have loaded a card or not). The consultant from has advised that these are very important to communicate to the guest.

Anyway, Happy Braai daay on Monday to my fellow South-African friends.

11 months ago
Sara Jarvis

Would someone please tell me how to put my photo here?

11 months ago
Bandara Hotels…

Sara Jarvis You can use this function which will show on PC browser only. If you are using mobile, I believe that it not work.

11 months ago
Sara Jarvis

Thanks very much, I did it on iPad.......using pulse

11 months ago

As soon as I get the booking, I send a quick message through Pulse, thanking them for booking with us. A week before check in, I send the following email with two booklets attached, as described in the email. This email was refined over the course of more than a year, and has helped eliminate any confusion or problems. We're renting out an entire house, and we aren't there to greet the guests, as it's an hour drive from where we live. So we need to establish a relationship early to avoid any problems. Here's our email:


In anticipation of your visit to Château de Vin next week, I have attached a couple booklets for your review.

  • The Access manual is a step by step guide to gaining access to the house, via the August app. Two days before your arrival, you will receive a text message inviting you to install and configure the August app.
  • The house manual tells you everything you need to know about the house. Please take time to read it. It contains very important information. Let me know if you have any questions.

A couple notes about your visit:

  • The cabin is located at 27315 Matterhorn Drive, Lake Arrowhead, CA 92336
  • Check in time is 4 PM. We may be able to grant early access upon request, for $15/hour.
  • Your checkout time is 11 AM on the 26th. It’s very important that you are out of the house by 11 AM, as our cleaning crew will need to get started at 11 AM sharp.
  • The fireplaces have gas log sets in them. Do not put wood in the fireplaces. When you light the fireplaces, turn the gas on, no more than a half turn. If you turn it higher than that, it can damage the fireplace.
  • Keep in mind, this is our home. Please treat it with respect.
  • Please keep outside noise to a minimum after 10 PM. We have neighbors who enjoy living in a peaceful neighborhood.
  • Important: We have room for two cars in the front of the house, and four cars in the rear. If you have any more than that, County regulations provide that you will be given one hour to remedy the situation. If you fail, you can be evicted immediately without refund. And no cars are to be parked on our neighbor’s property.
  • When there is snow, our neighbor has a beautiful hill that is perfect for snow play. But as tempting as it is, please stay off their property.
  • We have left a gift basket for you on the kitchen island. Enjoy it with our complements.

What your cleaning fee covers:

  • Cleaning bedding and making the beds
  • Vacuuming and steam cleaning floors
  • Cleaning and sanitizing bathrooms, kitchen countertops, and tables
  • Discarding bagged trash left under the house

What your cleaning fee does not cover:

  • Cleaning kitchen dishes, glasses, and appliances, and putting them away
  • Picking up trash from all over the house
  • Cleaning alcoholic spills
  • Moving furniture that you moved (Our cleaning crew isn’t strong enough to move furniture)

Additional fees will apply if our cleaning crew finds any of these conditions. Also, if you plan to play beer pong, please bring your own table and play outside on the deck. We don’t want alcohol spilled on our floors.

We hope you make some wonderful memories during your visit.

Please respond to this email, so we know that you received it, and accept the information in it. And feel free to forward it to other members of your group.

11 months ago
M Adamopoulou

Thank you all for this information. Surely I will change my e-mail messages giving more details. I did not know that it was necessary.

10 months ago

Thank you all this information collectively has been very helpful. There were things I had not thought and did not have in my welcome email. I sure will add them on now and it sgould improve the guest;s stay.

8 months ago

This is how we send a welcome email to Foreigners:

Dear Guest

Thanks for choosing Smyle Inn for your upcoming stay in Delhi. Your booking has been confirmed.

Please note the following information and allow us to offer you a hassle-free and comfortable stay:

1) Check-in time is 12 noon. We will give free early check-in starting 9:00 AM if the room is available. Checkout time is 11:00 AM. More on:

2) Reception is open 24 hours. So there is always someone to check-in and check-out the guests.

3) Collect your free WiFi password when you arrive at the reception.

4) There is a travel desk at Level 3 of Wing 1 building where you can get FREE City Map, book train tickets and get general information about the neighbourhood and the city.

5) Payments can be made by Cash / Visa Card / MasterCard / Maestro Card. All card payments attract 3% surcharge.

6) Very Important: If coming at odd hours or for the first time, please do consider ordering airport pickup to avoid scams of taxi drivers. This will also save you the trouble of locating us. Our airport pickup is for an additional INR580 (which is about USD8 per car per pickup). You can send us the flight details if needed. It is available 24 hours and is highly recommended.

7) Lastly, if you have not done it already, we request you to please email us your arrival time and/or flight/ train information.

Any changes to the booking OR pickup need to be advised 48 hours prior to arrival.

Any issues, please write to the owners at for a speedy resolution.

For “things that happen only in India”, traveling tips, tour recommendations and much more, follow us on:
Google Plus:

Looking forward to seeing you.

Harish Sharma
Smyle Inn- Your Friends in Delhi
916, Gali Chandi Wali, Main Bazaar, Paharganj, New Delhi - 110055
Tel No: 0-9999276591, 011-23589107, 011-23584076
Near Cheh Tooti Chowk mosque and Citibank ATM
Google Maps Link:


Dear Guest,

Thank you for booking your stay with us. We have blocked the booked rooms for you.

Please advise the time of arrival.

As per the booking policy, rooms are available from 12 noon of the booking date. Early check-in is available only after 9AM subject to room availability. For check-in earlier than 9AM, previous night charge is applicable. Please read the FAQ page for more details on this policy

Payments can be made by Cash / Visa Card / MasterCard / Maestro Card. All card payments attract 3% surcharge.

Here are the directions from New Delhi Train Station:
Walk and exit from platform no 1 side. Also called the Paharganj Side.
Exit the station compound from left hand side gate...also called the entry gate of the station.
In front you will notice a main bazaar. Enter the main bazaar. Ask anyone in case of confusion.
Walk 300 meter you will notice a mosque on the right and a Citibank ATM on the right.
Our street is next to Citibank ATM on right.
Enter and you will notice Smyle Inn after 10 meters.

If you need directions from any other place, please do let us know the arrival point in Delhi and we will send you directions accordingly.

For the purpose of checkin, all the adult members who will be staying with us, need to carry any one of the following document in original:
1) Passport OR
2) Voter ID Card OR
3) Driving License OR
4) Adhaar Card.

Please note that ID proofs must not be issued in New Delhi area. If you are unable to meet this requirement, please let us know.

Thanks and Best Regards
Smyle Inn
916, Gali Chandi Wali, Main Bazaar, Paharganj, New Delhi - 110055
Tel No: 0-9999276591, 011-23589107, 011-23584076
Near Cheh Tooti Chowk mosque and Citibank ATM
Google Maps Link:

8 months ago
Claud King

Happly New Year All,

I am a new comer to Partner In the process of doing my draft template in welcoming guest(s), I thought I why not Google to see if there are any templates that provide any ideas that may help me along the way. Bingo!...I came upon this forum... as much as I find that I was on the right path, this forum has been a great guideline to work with. I am about to tweak my draft.

Guys you all have been a great help! ... thank you all!

Warmest regards


The Grove

7 months ago
M Adamopoulou

Hello new members and welcome to this helpful forum. Everything you want to know is here. Partners are very willing to help in any way. Templates are very useful and I love that has automated system to send messages whenever you want.
Wish a nice day to all...

7 months ago

Heres my automatic response as soon as they book:

Thank you for choosing Queens Park Lodge for your visit [CHECKIN_DATE] until [CHECKOUT_DATE], [NUMBER_OF_NIGHTS] Nights - we look forward to meeting you and ensuring you have a wonderful stay with us.

If you haven't already, please let us know an approximate time of arrival so we can be sure to be ready for you. Our earliest guaranteed check in is from 3.00PM though we may be able to make your room available a littler earlier if required, please ask. Letting us know when you will be arriving is very important for us, as a small 'Bed & Breakfast' we do not have around the clock 'reception' staff. You are also welcome to drop off luggage any time by appointment (so someone is here), and head out into town.

We would also be grateful if you can let us know in advance if you have any dietary requirements for breakfast (e.g. vegetarian, vegan, gluten free, etc), or anything else that would help make your stay more comfortable.

My (Dave) mobile is 07958 294132 in case you need help with anything, directions, etc. Please don't hesitate to message, call or text.

We will send you local directions a couple of days before your stay. Thanks again for choosing us and we are looking forward to welcoming you to QPL!

Kind regards

Dave and Jon
Queens Park Lodge

7 months ago

All of these comments and suggestions are good. Beside some income from what we do, we enjoy meeting people from around the world. I believe that everyone has a life story to tell. One of the things I do is put out a small autobiography in each room People read, then they themselves are more inclined to open up and tell their story. Give it a try.

4 months ago
M Adamopoulou

Unfortunately guests don’t read most of our emails but we have to keep on informing them and maybe they will respond to them.
Have a nice day....

4 months ago

Dear Guest,

Namaste and Greetings from Ai boutique hotel thamel , Kathmandu, Nepal.

It is our great pleasure to introduce with you. Thank you so much for room reservation with us on Your booking hereby is confirmed.

Please kindly provide us your flight details; we will collect you from the airport accordingly which will cost you $7USD extra. One of my staffs will be waiting for you at the airport with your name card; please do try to find your name card. If you don’t find your name please give me a call to my cell number, my cell number is +977-9860575023.

We do organize the tours and trekking over here in Nepal as well as Tibet and Bhutan. We are pioneer of Most Popular flight in the World.

The Mt. Everest Flight (The highest peak in the world), it is one hours flight from Domestic airport.

We also specialize tours to Pokhara & Chitwan National Park.

Please bring a copy of your passport and few photograph, it is needed at Nepal Immigration to apply the Nepalese visa. This doesn't apply to Indian Nationals.

Hope to hear from you soon, if you have any queries.

Take care and have a great day.

Best Regards

Devendra karki

Managing Director

Ai boutique Hotel

Cell +9779860575023 (Devendra Karki )

Skype redapple8585

We chat/what’s App/Viber/IMO/Line ID: +9779860575023

3 months ago