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Large House With Heritage Details. Peterborough, Ontario Canada

Was fortunate to get a bottle of Method from Kawartha Food Share. The web site is I dropped dollar store sprayers, breaking them, and had to invest in a Birchmeier sprayer from the Lee Valley store - it sprays in every direction and is Swiss made. I cut holes in the floor and had a three story laundry chute for my home stay. Fixed a hole in my compost bin with Leak Seal from Rustoleum - expanding rubber from an aerosol. Base coat and then a second coat fifteen minutes later. This spray has also been used on my garden rain barrel and house parging. 


For my toilet cleaning I bought Nature Clean from Loblaw grocery store. Before that I used a harsh cleaner from Kawartha Food Share.

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Laura, Communi…

Great tips, Ginkopaul. Love the idea of laundry chute - that's efficiency :)

Thanks for sharing!

- Laura

11 months ago