Sitges Important dates, February Carnival

August Fiesta Major, Fireworks are always 3 week in the month round on the 23 August Always whatever years they are fantastic and a good selling point.

loads of other carnivals and dates and you need to go to the website of sitges but the two dates above are the best.

Official site  http://www.sitgestur.cat/?l=en plenty of others

If you prefer not too see the gay scene then it is not the town to come to we have bears week, Sitges Gay Pride etc etc It is very gay here and in the summer can be overtaken by young gay men in their 20's etc who dont always behave themselves and should know better.

If your up for partying then were the place and you are tolerant of the gay scene then its great fun saying this it is safe for a lovely family holiday with the kids, there are gay only beaches, family beaches and general beaches as well as nudist beaches, We also have a lot of peacocks strutting their stuff up and down the beach and is a lot of fun to see as they try to do each other out. Loads of fun!


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