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Spam Bookings


I am new to, I am getting a number of booking emails each week via my booking channel of 'seemingly' fake bookings via  They then get 'cancelled' a while later. 

This creates a huge amount of work, as I have to manually open the rooms on my booking channel.  And I can lose business as my rooms are closed while the 'booking' is supposedly valid.

What can I do to stop this?



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I am new too. How do you know they might be fake? I have received booking for 3 days in July where the people have just ignored all my messages. Not sure if its fake or not but its blocking the middle of my high season period . I presume I won't know until its too late for them to cancel. I have written asking them if they wish to cancel as they are not responding but of course, no response!

5 months ago


What we have found is that these bookings are just so that the person can get a visa to get into the country by showing they have a booking.

We have learnt that looking at the e mail address usually funny G mail /yahoo address.

2nd they usually try to book a long stay and dont try for a discount.

They will stall on the booking deposit some story. So if in doubt push for the booking deposit as you can not keep a booking without as you are turning away other inquiries, and set a cut off date giving your self enough to still full the rooms.

With time you will learn to spot these.

Another thing to watch out for is The tour/ broker will claim the his group usually with a person in-charge has a problem getting SA currency and they will pay you and can you front the money to there group controller, then quickly reverse the transaction be aware.

Hope this info helps.

Carl From Leighwood Lodge

4 months ago