Sunscreen on white linen


i've got all white linen, unfortunately not all guests remove sunscreen and it leave yellow stains.  First time this happened I soaked it in clorin, it went all pink.  No I am trying dishwashing soap.

my last guests left flatsheet, fitted sheet and pillow cases covered.  We are on strickt water restrictions and cannot fill up a bath tub.

I am considering writing something on the welcoming letter, please remove sunscreen!!! Anyone done that?

Any advice will be highly appreciated.

Thank you in advance.

kind regards

Elin, South Africa

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M Adamopoulou

Elinnog60 sunscreen stains are very tough. Check this thread maybe you’ll find a solution.
I wish you good luck please give us feedback if you get them cleaned so we know what to do if it happens to us.

1 year ago

Happy to say that we did get the sunscreen lotion off. We tried quite a few things. Sunlight soap bar with Omo handwasher, a lot of scrubbing and a soak all night, came off, but was a hell of a job. 2 hours soak in ammonia and water, perfect! So ammonia is now my best friend and the white looked even whiter. Will write on the welcoming letter as it is a quite a job to get it off, waiste of water and labour.

We do have a 9.9 on B.C, and 10/10 on cleaning-ness. Very important for us!!!!

Elin, The French Cottage

1 year ago
M Adamopoulou

Hi Elinnog60 thank you for the feedback. Ammonia does wonders so now it’s my best friend also. Thanks again and take care.

1 year ago

Hi Elinnog60 ,

We are new here and we did not know about the effects of ammonia! I haven't tried it yet, but I think I will definitely go for it!
We have also had many issues with unremovable stains and, as I can see online, ammonia does wonders!

Thanks for the tip!

1 year ago