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Terms and Conditions: When guests move or remove items from the room

Guests who move things in the rooms or remove items from the room

We recently encountered followig problem

1. Guests are moving around furniture in teh room accrding to own taste.
2. Recently guest brought down the broken mini bar(we ave replaced it same day) and left it at the reception

How you do hadnle such ehavure
-Prohibiting guests to move the furnuture and charging them penality if the do it.
-Asking to leave, if they start doing it.

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Asad Chaudary

Hi there - this is a bit of a tricky one because we have experienced the same problem in the past.

For the first point, I guess it depends on the extent to which the guests have moved things in the room and also how long they are staying for. i.e. if we are talking small items, like a mirror or small table, then maybe it's not such a big deal, especially if it's a family with kids because they may want to keep certainly things out of reach to prevent damage, but if we're talking big bulky items, then maybe you should talk to the guest to find out why. My attitude would also depend on how long the guest is staying for.

However, if damage was caused to any item in the room or property or items reported missing, then it absolutely must be addressed before the guest departs and they should be charged the equivalent of a replacement for the item(s) in question. You will find most property owners take a damage deposit at check-in.

1 year ago
Leandri Klopper

Hello there!

Thanks for asking, that does seem like something you would want to avoid before it even happens.

My suggestion would be to make sure you make it part of your Terms and Conditions. In our welcome email that we send the guest after they booked, we explain the terms and conditions for visiting the resort. We also make it clear that there are no exceptions to following the resort's rules and regulations. Stating that guests may be asked to leave at the sole discretion of the resort manager.

We also have the guests sign an Indemnity form at the resort where they agree to follow the resort rules and regulations.

Just be careful to say that you will charge a guest a penalty fee, doesn't like it. Any time you say "extra fee" twitches because it's not really allowed. Key and Breakage fees, yes that's fine but a Penalty fee might be a touchysubject for them.

Best of luck!

1 year ago
Thuild - Your …


As Leandri said, include it in T&C, however, you cannot police them around.

So you have to make a decision, mostly about finding out why it is happening.

When I do hotel consulting, I usually ask owners to apply the Prevention method. Therefore, you need to analyze why they moved the furniture, which type of furniture? Is it placed initially in the wrong area of the room? Does it bring more comfort to guests the way they place it themselves?

Try approaching the whole thing differently, there is a sign, a message in why you have this happening.

For me, besides chairs, nobody ever moved anything in my rooms, not even tilting or moving the TVs, because everything is designed for, ergonomics, usability and looks are very important for us.

Always consider the design flaw, you would be surprised to see what a little change can do.

If you require help with this, we offer such services, just get in touch through or website.

Best regards,

Zsolt -

1 year ago
Laura, Communi…

Thanks Asad, Leandri, and Zsolt

Maybe you could share your T&C statement about damages? This would be very helpful for other partners, especially those just getting started :)

For anyone else just finding this thread - if you've got some advice and haven't shared yet, please feel free to jump in!

- Laura

1 year ago
Thuild - Your …

Honestly I don't really have a written T&C, I just tell them what's going to happen when the damage occurs.

Depending on the level, I would suggest payment for cleaning, fixing and replacing to be 150% of the value.

Besides that, if the damages or inconvenience brought to the property requires the room/property to become unavailable for booking, charge them an additional 70% of the per night fee for each day until the situation is fixed.

That would be something that I would include in a T&C.

Fortunately my prices don't bring people that do much damage, they are mostly mid to high class individuals/families, who if anything happens pay without me asking for it.

Best is to avoid having things that can easily break or are hard to replace or repair.

Best of luck to you all,

Zsolt -

1 year ago