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Is there such a thing as a review website for hoteliers!

 I have heard that there is a website that offers hotel owners the chance to write reviews about guests that have stayed at their hotel.

They also give you the chance of black listing past guests. Is this true? Has anyone else heard of this? 

Could do something in this direction?

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Thuild - Your …

Dear Torrdarach,

So many have issues with guest reviews, I myself subscribe to the idea of having to be able to review guests.

However, BDC will not do anything in this matter, because implementing such a system would cost them a lot, because they haven't had this implemented from the get go.

I've had a sit down talk with the local office manager and the only way we can impose change is to constantly write BDC feedback that we need such a system, the more people write, the closer we can get to having this.

So instead of writing on a partner's forum, write to them directly in your extranet.

Ask others to do the same and then we might, someday have such a system in place.

As for the website you're talking about, I don't know about such and it would not be possible because of GDPR coming out, which means that you cannot publish guest personal information online into some kind of search engine. And without their ID number, address and sorts, you cannot really identify who is who.

Hope this helps,

Zsolt -

1 year ago

Hi Zsolt,

Thanks for that. I will contact BDC again with this suggestion. I also know several other hotels etc that would like this service.

1 year ago

IN the extranet all you need to provide is their reservation id # no names needed. Register as many complaints as needed. You can also call them and explain you no longer want this guest to book with our facility and they will reach out to the guest for you and let them know not to re-book. I do not think they would ever post a site where you can rant..But it is a great idea to get the word out to your competitors. Maybe they will have more insite on how to get the word out..

1 year ago
Pita Lie

BDC just introduced a feature to block misconduct customers. Use it!

1 year ago