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Is there a way to setup a listing but not allow automatic booking?

I am wanting our customers to call to book a reservation with us because we do not want to double book any of the glamp sites on our property. Because we are listed on multiple platforms and no one calendar syncing tool connects ALL of my listings platforms, I am having to manage this manually. So I am looking for a way to be listed on but for my customers to call me to book their reservation. Does anyone know how to do this?

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M Adamopoulou

Hi! Vonbateshospitality and welcome to the forum.
I don’t think this is possible. Reservations are automatically confirmed.
Wish you well...

4 months ago

We do it manually across many agents and have only tripped up once, even that was only down to an agents system not updating fast enough, we had done our bit in good time.

If every guest had to ring you before confirming a booking you would be able to use the OTAs advertising power and then not pay them by way of cutting them out of the loop. I have the sneaking suspicion they have actually thought of this! lol

3 months ago