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Tips for sales and marketing of a Hotel ?



We are currently trying to branch out to more advertising and/or sales techniques to gain more revenue and guests.

We were just on for many years, but have now signed to expedia and hotelzon.

I have ideas of calling companies directly to inform them we are on these new systems, getting us into some wedding magazines, local newspapers e.t.c

But these all cost money that we are trying to save.

What are the best ways to promote and gain guests in a cost to effectiveness ratio ?

Any help would be massively appreciated.



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Leandri Klopper

Hi there!

Nice post, thanks for that.

My suggestion is to feature at events and network that way. So if there is an Expo somewhere then make sure you have a stand there. (Yes, it normally costs a lot to be there but it's excellent marketting.

Then of course my second favorite way of advertising is on social media. Most people go and check out the places on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc. Magazines and those are great but these days you can read all you want on the Internet. And all it's going to cost you to promote your hotel online is data... which is much cheaper than glossy magazine paper adds.

Hoping our partners will all also have good suggestions!

1 year ago
Jonas Rofors

Hello =)

One tip that works very well for our hotel is to use local and national influencers. Ask them to stay at your hotel for free and in exchange they write about you on their blogs/twitter/Instagram etc. You reach a lot of people for the cost of a hotelbed + some VIP stuff for the influencer.

Another thing that works well is to focus on people who live in the area, make the hotel a nice and welcoming place and do some funny events such as "Panncake day" or hand out free coffe to commuters nearby.

Hope this may trigger your senses.

1 year ago


Good point in your post, the other comments are also very good ideas.

What I do to for the local community is when there is a festival or bazaar or an event in the area and they are looking for prizes, I give a free night or 2 night stay as a prize which makes people more aware as most of these events mention the name of your establishment in the thank you's.

Hope this will help in some way

1 year ago

Of all listed suggestions the best promotion is still to activate GENIOUS program on, or to join preffered program (if eligable), paying a higher commission for better visibilty.. similar also on Expedia etc.
Influencers.. Lot's of wonnabe "influencers" out there.. Pick them carefully. You choose an influencer to promote your bussines, a real influencer will not contact you first (as many do so).

1 year ago

Hello there,

Like others have suggested and yourself is opting to use all possible social media to create awareness but with personal and successful experience I would strongly suggest to "Indulge Personally" with potential clients be it be corporates, vendors, event management companies, key community people, socialites by inviting them over to your hotel for social gathering or we call PR evening this is wonderful opportunity for them to experience, feel and acknowledge first sight and hand your product, services etc and this should be quarterly affair so people stay connected with you and evening to evening you will observe your network is been extended and then do not forget to invite local media & press for these evening. Human tendency, people talk much louder when free dinners and if these dinners are with key associates they appreciate it even more .

Good luck,

1 year ago

Your past clients will tell you a lot about where you can best promote your accomodation and services. Both directly and indirectly.

If you get lots of wedding guest clients then contact the reception venues and churches to see if there is some way of leveraging their clients. If you receive a lot of guest associated with a sport, you should contact clubs or groups associated with those sports, etc.

Do you collect guest information e.g. address or email? Keep in contact with past guests who enjoyed staying with you to let them know of special deals, hotel improvements you are making and events you are hosting that they may be interested in. Single accomodation guests might be interested in wedding events, past corporate guests might be interested if you are hosting a conference for someone. And of course if you know a past guest has a birthday coming up, or is expecting a child that's a great time to send a greeting.

And of course there is bdc ratings. Specifically ask each happy guest at checkout to post a review. Check on the extranet now and then for new settings, or settings you can update to make your accomodation stand out.

1 year ago
Lahiru Abeysinghe


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good luck!

1 year ago
Langton House …

Try giving away a free night as a prize at local events - make sure you don't include prime events and put a time limit on getting it cashed in!

1 year ago
Angela @Promhills

Some great tips here. Also make sure you join all your local industry groups and network a lot. Get involved in market days, conferences, speaker dinners and event. Share and repost other local businesses social network posts. Build a good relationship with local restaurants, cafes, schools, sports groups etc and you will be front of mind for them when they recommend places. Offer discount or prize vouchers to a club/group located within your target market segment - just get out there and promote yourself as a business and as a pillar of the community.

1 year ago