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update location

Dear partners, i am new here. if you can tell me how i can update the locations of my apartments on the maps because they are wrong.


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M Adamopoulou

Hi! Alex & Evi nice to have you in the BDC forum.
Unfortunately you cannot update your location yourselves. I had similar experience. The best solution is to find your coordinates through Google maps. Send a message through your Extranet inbox tab informing BDC and after a couple of days your location will be updated.
Hope I have been of help...

1 month ago

after set the log in trying to see if show up in the site I don't see my place

any help

25 days ago
M Adamopoulou

Have you enter your verification code? Have you opened your room? Have you set your room no. not to 0? If you have set minimum nights for stay?

24 days ago