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We had a guest who was rude to staff and guests complained about his behaviour, we reported him but Booking won't cancel his future bookings with us

Fortunately first time in three years, but we had a guest who during a five day stay had a few complaints about him from other guests. We talked to him to resolve these issues which appeared to be resolved. His last night the night staff in the morning said he had been rude to them when he had been asked to be quiet. This with the other issues we told him that he is not welcome to stay here again even though he had two future bookings with us. I reported him to and told them to cancel his remaining reservations and they said that we have to let him stay here again because he has reservations. I told them about the problems we had and they said we have to get a police report. There is no way I am wasting police time for these things as it was not threatening but he had made people staying here and working here very uncomfortable. I am stunned by the lack of support from despite the fact we pay them they show absolutely no willingness to help the properties whenever they have problems. Any suggestions on what to do

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You can report him as a disruptive guest on his booking details and there stop him making a future bookings.

9 months ago

Do you not have the option to request to cancel bookings that the guest has already made? If you report guest misconduct you can prevent them from making future bookings with the same account if none have yet been made

9 months ago

Your post is so emotional, I can't understand what exactly happened. Noise and rudeness of what kind?

I can't imagine Booking taking a responsibility of all rude guests. Anyway, they allow to put "curfew" hours.

And what is the problem? If you are located in Tbilisi, just call police and instruct your staff to do so, if someone is rude to them (though rudeness can be understood differently in all countries).

No matter how the guests fight, but they are not the owners of the place. Though both sides and money should be respected, in reality it's the owner who is in favourovable position. Simply, it's his property.

Most of people, if property owner says: "you are not welcome to my place!", will not stay again.

If they ever attempt to do, close the doors, deny an entry. The law is on your side in your country. You didn't provide services = you are not responsible for anything. And with Booking you can solve all problems later, by either putting" no show", giving back money to your client, if he already paid, disputing commissions, etc. Booking should be your last concern in such situation.

9 months ago

BDC will not allow canceling this guests future bookings for you simply because they will not get their commission, money is what it all comes down to..

8 months ago