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What is the best breakfast one can provide, as a Villa with 4 rooms?

Hello fellow hoteliers,

I've always wanted to improve the breakfast at my property, as this is what has the lowest review score (look, I know that I can't satisfy everyone).

So, what would you provide for a maximum of 8 adults 4 children (as we have 4 rooms only) for breakfast?

What are the costs involved for you making that breakfast and how much do you sell it for? 


Let's dig in to some specifics guys, I think this will also help others revamp their way of doing things.


At the moment we provide guests with a gourmet breakfast, cooked to order, 5 items on the menu. Costs 3-4 Euros per person and our production cost is around 2-3 euros, so to speak, we make very little money on the breakfast. 

PS: Drinks like coffee, tea, orange juice and water are free flowing in a buffet style.

Our current menu: 

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Stop talking about breakfast, I'm hungry now.

Our solution was not to serve breakfast but to provide the option of a breakfast hamper. ie put the ingredients into the apartments and they create their own breakfast. We made it continental or full breakfast options. Only 10% of guests ask for the breakfast hamper which is only $5 pp (continental) or $9 with the eggs bacon and tomato added.

If we have groups in ( usually golfers) we do cook the breakfast for them and lay it out so they help themselves. NOTE: it is just me and my husband who do this - no staff. We charge $15 pp for this additional service. Sometimes we will do this for couples in the Gazebo too.

We have trialled adding continental breakfast as a bonus to some bookings and mostly it is used, but sometimes not even touched. The new fad dietry requiremnets is sometimes a challenge, especially if they don't tell you in advance. Some things are difficult to source in a small village without prior notice.

We have found most choose self contained apartments so that they can prepare their own food, so we are not stressing about breakfast service anymore. We play it by ear on the day usually, it's not a big money spinner. Mind you some guests have said our cooked breakfast out in the Gazebo was the best they had all holiday.



1 year ago
Thuild - Your …

Dear Ginascott57,

I just had my breakfast after serving my guests.

That's a very good option, I guess this works for any apartment style accommodation.

Interesting name for your country retreat.

A question for everybody. Would you serve many types of bread or exchange bread for croissants?

I find my guests loving croissants more than the bread buns we have (brown bread with many types of seeds).

Best regards,

Zsolt -

1 year ago
Hotel Gulshan

I think free breakfast can increase more booking but if you add free parking then must you booking increase

1 year ago
Le Balcon des Jasses

Continental breakfast, fruit, egg / omelet/ fresh orange juice, home made bread, marmalade, yogurt, I include in room price, and of course free parking.

Visitor hate extra cost, but of course make profit if you include in your room price, but you get more booking, more happy smiling customer. Good Luck

Lucy -Le Balcon des Jasses

1 year ago
Bandara Hotels…

I think you can do special menu of the day to make it look more attractive on menu. Also may be you can do special healthy drink, fruit juice/mix/shake. Seasonal local fresh fruit also good option.

9 months ago

Gosh.I think some of you are making it too tough. Keep it simple! here in the South of France.Adults do want a cooked breakfast./menu. Thats making rod for your own back at the low prices I charge

I offer decent O.J, proper decent Coffee( not instant)/tea ,fresh baguette and pain au chocolat,croissants with selection of Honey/jams and butter.I offer cereal/fruits in season/compot but little take up. I also offer boiled eggs( guests prefer 3mins to 5 mins) with occasional take up.

Very easy to get from local Depot du Pain (open 8.15-to 10 am max!)in village.. I also always check with guests what time they want breakfast.Usually they are travelling on so 8 am-9 am is usual.. If its before 8 am I leave it all ready..

No complaints and good scores.

5 months ago

Just to add my breakfasts are "Continental" inc in room rate.I think its mean and petty to start charging on top.Its just before when they leave so no point upsetting a guest before they zoom off again!

5 months ago
Benita Cyster

thanking you all for the information around breakfast buffet - we have 4 rooms and mostly full over weekends - but also used to doing a small buffet for 2 guests. We make sure to send out an email prior to arrival to ask about food preferences thus is never surprised when someone is vegetation or needs gluten free foods etc. I must say all our guest do respond. We also make suggestions or ask guest to try something new to enjoy our village cuisine We set out: the normal that people know of

  • dry cereals - max 4 plus cold or hot milk - we do of course ask in order not to have any waste
  • seasonal fruit platter, served with muesli, x3 small jars with nuts, seeds, raisins etc and yoghurt
  • x2 fruit juices
  • Coffee and or tea on a small hot tray alongside with the cups in winter to keep cups and coffee warm longer ( guests love that )
  • pancakes - we size them different daily with syrup and cinnamon
  • Scones ( even if 2 guests )
  • muffins
  • home baked bread
  • shop bought bread ( a few slices - if 2 guests 2 white 2 brown bread slices)
  • butter, grated cheese or slices
  • cold meat platter ( polony with tomato and cucumber)
  • sometimes if big groups that are in a hurry i do cocktail quiches and not bake other eggs that morning
  • the hotplate - never buffet I always bake on request which is x2 eggs of choice, x2 beef halaal chippolatas, mushroom, tomato
  • always home cooked jams -village lifestyle important to us

guests do tell us they loved the breakfast options, but beware there are those that love it to your face and then review something totally different . Maybe we should share recipes and ideas too. as well as tips

4 months ago