Account Disabled bug - first time partners

I am writing this on behalf of buissness that is unable to loginto thier account. Booking.com has had a bug that if you've created a partner account about a week or so ago. The moment you're done with creation and try to log in you're given a message of "Account disabled - Call customer service". The crazy part is... you are seriously unable to move on, log-in or even get to partner help because guess what... you're not logged in. Finally when you find the number you call customer service and they say " it's a known bug" but it's been over a week 4-5 phone calls same response. This is one of the biggest companies in the world and you leave people stranded no help and no addtional info other than " we are trying to fix it.  Also they have 0 record of you making an account & at the same time your account is deactivated. If you're a business you don't have the luxury or making up emails. Pleaese HELP THEM! 

Nafahan 1 month ago

Exactly this is the second time that i faced account disabled soon after I created my property