Adding new user to extranet account

Hi Folks,

As the heading suggests, I'm having trouble adding a new user to my extranet account. I looked up the help article of the same title. It says there should be a "Create & manage users" option under the "Account" button.

This does not appear. When I click on "Account" It gives me the following: Change password, Notification settings, Contacts, My devices, Connectivity provider, Contracts, Security, Sign out, then two options relating to adding another property to my account.

I am the only authorised user so I'm assuming I have Admin rights (if I don't who does?).

Any ideas on how to solve this? I need to add another users account so my colleague can manage things in my absence. Any help would be vastly appreciated!

Regards Jeff.

Jeff Barrow 1 year ago

Anybody have any ideas on this?

Have had no responses at all so far?