Customer rating


i need feedbackon the score given by Booking.com.


a Client gave me 5 times 10/10 and 1 time 7,5/10

==> final score visible aan booking is 8/10

==> i think this is not correct : 57,5/60

==> 57,5/6= 9,58


a cliënt gave me 4 times 10/10 and 2 times 7,5/10

==> Final score visible on booking is 8/10

==> i think it is not correct : 55/60

==> 55/6 = 9,166

can Someone please explain ?




Zoo 9 months ago

You should read the explanation of booking.com about the rating system. Everything is explained in this partner community.

Guest can rate 6x 10/10 and leave an overall score of 1/10 what is your end score for your total rating.

Doesnt make sense? Right, but for booking.com it does.

Maybe the weather was bad, the guest lost his keys, mind or whatever and leaves a 2/10 ... he decides in the end about the overall score, not the system.

Guido Kück 3 months ago

Dear Marleen,


Like you, we and others are not very happy with the system offerered by BDC.


Since we are collecting the many compliants that does exist with regard to the rating system and reviews, I suggest to post your problem under the following link.




Together perhaps we can change something!!


 Since my personal experience after contacting the upper management was that it is not possible to delete a review if you insist on it. That worked for me.


Thanks for your support.