I cannot access to Affiliate Partner Centre

Hi there,

Suddenly I cannot access to Affiliate Partner Centre. It was working this morning, but now I'm receiving the following message: "You have no access rights to the Affiliate Partner Centre. Contact your administrator to request access rights.".

Why did this happen? And how can I get my access back?

Thank you!

Bocas Style in… 10 months ago

Same here!! I tried to contact Booking but it has been so hard.

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Didem - Commun… 10 months ago


Hi everyone,


I contacted our internal teams to share your feedback and receive information on this topic.


As some of you have noticed, there seemed to be issues when you were trying to log in to the Partner Centre.


The team has been aware of this issue and confirmed that they have solved it.


If you're still experiencing any issues, please do let me know and I can support you by further checking about it. 


Thank you for your patience. And have a great day!

Chris Leather 2 months ago


Have been having this problem for over a year now. Would be great if someone could help me access my account. Monthly payslips keep coming, but can't login to spadmin...