Messaging via pulse pp

Good morning,

I can not message a guest direst via the pulse app which is not something I have encountered before.

I have updated the app, tried again via the extranet portal and the same thing happens.  It can be done another way which is way more time consuming.
Before I try and call B.com I wondered if anyone else was having a similar issues.

Thanks you

Hans van Dijck 1 month ago


I have the same problem. The puse app isn't working properly anymore: I can not answer my customers or send templates, and lately also the calendar showed on pulse was completely wrong and different with our calendar on the site. This cause large problems and a risk for double bookings.

I also contacted booking.com several times but I did not get any real answer or solution.

They acted surprised as I was the first to complain.

Who else has problems with the messages by pulse? And what can we do to resolve this problem as soon as possible?

Emma Viggars 30 days ago

I will call again, and try to explain..