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Reporting security concerns and issues

Hi everyone,

I’m really glad to see that some of you asked about how to report security issues. You might have received a suspicious email or you cannot sign in to your extranet account and you are wondering about what to do. 

It’s very important to report these to us and you can do it by quickly filling in this 10-second form.

Thank you for helping to ensure safety for you, your property and guests!

Gonzalo Venegas 9 months ago

At the moment I am making a complaint for a false user.
He made a reservation (for 2 weeks) but requests a series of requirements.
Sent a WhatsApp number and replies with a malicious .EXE file in a compressed file, including the password to open it.
In the extranet it appears as if it is from the USA, the WhatsApp number is from the United Kingdom (business account) and the WhatsApp greeting is in Ukrainian

Здравствуйте! It is available on WhatsApp Business.

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Didem - Commun… 9 months ago


Hi Gonzalo Venegas,


Thank you very much for sharing with us!
I'm sorry that you had this experience with a guest. It's good that you already reported it via the right channels, thank you, and it'd be okay to delete the phone number from your comment.
I hope that you won't have similar situations with your guests again.
Andrea 9 months ago

Thank you so much for sharing that link Didem!


However, filling in the form doesn't get rid of the dodgy reservation, so one would need to follow up with a message to the support team. 

@ - which steps is BdC undertaking to stop these fake accounts and fake reservations?

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Didem - Commun… 9 months ago


Hi Andrea,


It's my pleasure! 


This is a very good question, thank you for asking. I contacted our security team so that I can share some concrete information with you. I acknowledge that this is an important topic.

Estee Princen … 8 months ago

Thank you! Have had several 'fake reservations' lately and was blocking our availability substantially. FYI, with us they asked to open a map to show where we are located.

JB & MM 9 months ago

Good morning Didem, we are receiving fake bookings as well.  Have followed the usual procedure and marked the credit card invalid and STILL have to wait 24 hours for to remove it from the system.   The booking is an obvious fake.  No such address, the credit card is invalid and there is a fake message in important notes asking us to call or email them privately.  WHY can't this booking be cancelled by immediately? There needs to be a "Cancel Fake Booking" button under "Mark Credit Card as Invalid" for accommodation providers.  This booking is obviously a fake yet still we have to wait and loose business, will pay for the lost business? 

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Didem - Commun… 8 months ago


Hi JB & MM,


I'm sorry for your experience! And thank you for sharing your feedback, this question and suggestion, I appreciate. I will speak about it with our security team, as well.

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Didem - Commun… 8 months ago

Dear All,


As mentioned in this article, please also use the below checklist to keep yourselves secure:


1. Set up two-factor authentication (2FA) on your extranet account and use biometric authentication and custom passcodes on your Pulse account.

2. Do not reuse passwords and always use strong passwords.

3. Install the latest version of the operating system on your devices.

4. Download and install apps from trusted sources.

5. Create individual extranet accounts for you and your employees.

The Travel Inn… 8 months ago

For invalid card then booking should be able to be cancelled immediately.

If guest is sincere, they will book again with valid card. 

Denitsa Ilieva 3 months ago

I can't log in to the extranet to manage my bookings. I'm stuck in a log-in loop.
I know my login and password, but it just keeps me on login page only