Ten months still no location verification!!!

I've been on Location verification hold since June 2022! 

I've requested the letter, I've submitted my successful airbnb link, I've sent a video (within 2 days) showing access to my property.

Messages are now being totally ignored by booking. Anytime I phone I'm told to be patient and wait another 10 days before contacting again. 

3 official complaints logged and ignored. 

Attempted mediation but only booking can request mediation there's no method for partners to request. 

I'm stuck in the never ending 'customer service' loop.

How have others resolved this? Debt collectors/solicitors? 

They owe me approx. £8500. 

It's an outrageous way to run a business. Luckily this is a second income to me and I'm not dependant on it!.