What Booking offers and what WE NEED

Hello Partner,

I appreciate a good and fair collaboration, so will get straight to subject:

1. All Booking suggestion to "improve" my performance is based on unfair discounts and fights between us, the owners, in order to get the lowest price...Is this fair? No, as if I would take Booking advice to "reduce my price with 40%" I would be probably in bankruptcy.

2. We need professional and fair tools, as we pay a lot, 16% is more than the profits of many companies that actually produce something and not just intermediate...so I will write you what I believe I can get for my money:

- Reports related to how many searches I was in, gender, type (family, single...), age.

- From this ones, how many looked at my property and how many selected it...also the rest were gone where? (higher price or lower, closer to center or not, preferred with meal instead of not, and so on...

- Promotions based on gender, age, type....I want to make promotions for example for couples between 30 and 45 years because I want them to be my targeted clients....I cannot do this now, as you have no tools developed for us.

- All countries to be in Promotions selectable...as I have told you, MOLDOVA is a country outside EU, but is NOT in list.

- Common promotions !!!!!! I put 10% in a promotion, you put 5% from commissions !!!!! This is how a business works in partnership, not just give me "smart advices" from people that probably are drunk to write that advices, as no business man would advice to lower with 40% the prices in winter in order "to make more money"....HA HA HA HA HA.....


Thank you !

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Didem - Commun… 1 year ago


Hi @George Andreescu,


Thank you for your feedback and suggestions. It's very valuable to understand what you need. I'm sharing them with our internal teams. 


I'm also curious whether you're using the Analytics tab in the extranet? What do you think about the booker insights and reports (e.g., ranking report) there?