What is "Validation of invoice_address_1st_admin_division failed."?

I have a new property to list in Sri Lanka. I live in the USA. I was going through the registration process and when I get to the Payments section I get an error of "Validation of invoice_address_1st_admin_division failed." after I try to enter my address.

I can not find anything on this error on the booking.com site or on the internet. How do I get my property listed?

BrookAve 4 years ago



Since you have two different addresses I suspect the issue is due to how validation normally involves sending g a postal letter with a verify code to only the property address.


For additional support on this I would suggest direct support with BdC


School to bottom of this page , under Partner Help, contact us info,  use phone option not email.


Kind regards,  merry xmas

Alan Dacey 4 years ago

Thanks. I did not find that option.

Charles Reichheld 1 year ago

I'm having this issue right now.  Did you ever get it resolved?  Super frustrating...this is clearly a. bug and nobody is reaching out proactively to help.  I've been on the line now with customer service for an hour and they have no idea.