Why am I not “eligible” for Smart Flex reservations?


I have an existing verified account I am using for bookings. I would like to sign up for Smart Flex reservations.

When I go to sign up, it says my property isn’t eligible. I called Booking.com customer service and they said “Just wait, and we will let you know when the property is eligible”, which I think is code for “I don’t know why you aren’t eligible”, because it says this in the Booking.com documentation for Smart Flex reservations (I am in the US):

If your property isn’t in mainland France, French Guiana, Mayotte, Martinique, Guadeloupe, Saint Pierre and Miquelon or Réunion – then you’ll be enrolled in the Smart Flex Reservations programme automatically.

This account is an older account, and customer service has been helping to convert it to use other newer features, like min/max advance reservations, etc. I just call them and they tweak a setting to upgrade my account to use the new feature. I would think Smart Flex reservations would fall under the same category.

Who can I contact to get Smart Flex reservations turned on for my account? According to the above, I am automatically eligible.

Tania Wunderling 4 months ago

I was interested in Smart Flex reservations. What are the requirements to be eligible for this program?