Coronavirus Partner Support

As government regulations around the world evolve, we remain committed to bringing you up-to-date information and useful resources to support you and your property.


Helping you manage your operations

Right now, it’s more important than ever to make your day-to-day operations easier. The following should help you run your business as smoothly as possible:


Stay informed

As circumstances remain uncertain, we’re making every effort to ensure you have access to the latest information. On the Partner Hub, you’ll find a number of articles providing regular updates.

Force Majeure conditions explained

Understand what our Force Majeure procedures mean for your property, your guests and how they’re being applied in your country.


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Coronavirus FAQ

Your questions, answered. Our FAQs will be continuously updated to reflect what you need to know regarding the Coronavirus.


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Click. Magazine

For the latest recovery trends and insights, industry perspectives and news, head to Click. Magazine (available in English only).


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Additional products to support your business

Here are a few more ways you can actively mitigate the effects of the Coronavirus. 


Showcase your health and hygiene practices

Put potential guests’ minds at ease by using our new feature to display your health and hygiene measures on your property page.


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Add more flexibility, get more bookings

Flexibility is key in today’s uncertainty. Partners who have implemented the 'Flexible 1 day' policy have increased their visibility by up to 23%, leading to more bookings.


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Postponed virtual credit card activation

To better protect the interests of both partners and their guests, we have temporarily changed the activation date of virtual credit cards to help process any payments or refunds. Check how this impacts you.


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Are you seeing signs of recovery?

As some parts of the world are slowly emerging from the restrictions caused by the Coronavirus, we’ve put together a toolkit to help you navigate this new situation and make the most of the demand that is returning.

Connect with other partners

In times of crisis, a sense of connection and the knowledge that you are not alone is more important than ever - and in the Community, you can find this from your fellow partners. Talk, share your experiences and support each other. Follow the conversation using #coronavirus.

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