Booking.com owing us money

Good day, I want to find out who has been having this issue? 

We have had people staying at our bnb and if it was not a virtual card payment, we have not received the money for these bookings that occurred and Booking.com has been NON responsive around trying to resolve this nor even understanding english! There is NO channel to enquire disputes around charges and they do not get back to us. They owe us close to $5000 in money and we are now wanting to take this further if it means legally or through Current Affair. Anyone have the same isssue?

Account Adviso…

Hi Charlene,

When a Guest makes a booking, the reservation would state if it's coming through a Virtual Credit Card (meaning that the Guests paid online) or payments facilitated by Accommodation Partner (meaning that you charge the Guest directly). 

Unless you're on a different model (which is limited to selected Partners) - Booking.com pays you directly. It's different from Airbnb though. Airbnb pays each reservation one day after check-in, but Booking.com consolidates all the reservations and pays you a month later. 

I hope the above clarifies a little.