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Delay in Payments more than 3 months!!!


Can anybody help us Partners with our Payment Struggles???

Janita - Account Advisor  

KatrinaVisser - Click. Travel Writer  

Nicola Donovan- Click. Magazine Travel Writer  


Unfortunately, for the past 3 months Finance Dept is not replying to my at least 50 messages...that I have send them through my Extranet Inbox....My Athens BDC office informed me that there is no Finance Dept. anymore in my Support Team can only pass my requests to BDC Headquarters and they will contact me....but again no reply!!!!

BDC Support Team used to reply on the spot....I cannot understand this attitude....I am really disappointed as many partners are...


I have seen many posts about delays in payment but BDC has not given a professional reply...


Would highly appreciate if anybody could help us on this instead of sending automated messages and empty apologies!!


Hope this issue ends the soonest so we can go ahead and make new plans for the coming year!!!





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M Adamopoulou 2 months ago

Thanks Barry,

It seems there’s a big problem in payments…

Are you facing any problems???

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BrookAve 2 months ago


no I am not effected currently, as i now have long term direct bookings into April 2022.


 I still come on here to help, regardless, but not as often as I used to.

Aude Dupoisat 2 months ago

Hello Barry, Bravo for your reservations, I am a regular of Booking who, like others, find themselves with unpaid stays and therefore very unhappy, 3 months is too long! You have reservations until April 2022, have those July, August, September 2021 been paid to you? All destinations may not be impacted in the same way. And would you be okay with not getting paid or getting a real response from the finance department ??? Have a nice day ... cordially Aude

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M Adamopoulou 2 months ago

Yes…I noticed that…your help is always welcomed…

Are you more happy with long term???

Thanks again…

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BrookAve 1 month ago

Any change , is this still unresolved Maria?



Apartment Yason 1 month ago

Hello!  I have the same problem with payment from Booking. I’m waiting for it since July’2021. No answer, no call, no payment. What’s happen with Booking?