Getting paid by booking.com

Anyone else having problems getting paid by booking.com? 

They have failed to pay us our last August payment, they have not posted any remmittance advice for that month...... but of course they are quick with their commision invoice, which is actually inaccurate......

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Things I have learned.....

Using the extranet messaging service merely gets you a generic reply.

Calling the help line leaves you waiting for a 'report' to be filed and hoping the finance department will call you back. Although having read previous threads I don't hold out much hope.

For an international company of some size, booking.com finance department should have direct contact with their partners. Not seemingly avoid any accountability.

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actually the message service also opens a case/ticket,, so it is important to do that so it can be trackable.


yes you will always have a better chance of getting partner team versus finance team, different working hours and backlogged.




Yes me too

At first, the reason given was that it was sent but the bank details were inaccurate- The same details I've been using and receiving payments at for three years

Now my payouts are blocked


no reason was given and they are holding a lot of my money

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I have exactly the same problem.... I rent a villa in Turkey and live in Switzerland, this year the payments on the same account used without problem before was rejected because the payment was in Turkish Lira. If i want to input an IBAN starting with TR the system doesn't accept it because Booking wants me to give an IBAN starting with CH because I have a swiss address.

i opened a ticket on support but still waiting for a solution... customer support is absolutely terrible , if I owned money to Booking they would certainly react instantaneously....