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Most booking on booking cancelled

Hi, I'm leaving in Colombia and working really unhappy with booking.com. In Colombia Booking doesn't manage payment from customers, we only have two options. 1/ Credit Card. Booking.com send you numbers of the credit card in a message this way you can enter numbers in your bank terminal. Don't feel this process very safe and we don't have bank terminal. 2/ Cash payment. The one we use and everyone use all around. The problem is people book and never come because if they don't come they don't pay. When People hesitate between different place they book all and the D day they choose one without cancelling others and you lost your money. It's more than 50% of the booking, we are loosing money since we are working with booking. Before to close my account I wanted to now If someone had this problem and find a way to fix it (we increase price to compensate booking we lost we lost but we should increase something like 60%, it's surrealist). Thank you for your help my friends !

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Fluff (new account) 1 month ago

You can also use a third party for taking credit card payments in advance e.g. TAB, who we are trialing at the moment.

Set up a pay in advance policy along with a cancellation policy that will work for you, in conjunction with the third party this will solve the problem.