Multiple discounts

I had this week a price reduction of -30 % for a booking to one of my apartments too.  As it turned out, there has been three "promotions" stacked:

Mobile rate -10 %

Genius:  -10 % and

Last minute -10 %

This is far too much for me.  It seems, I have to delete one of the promotions for good, although it is a tough one, because we have quite a lot of guests from each group.  The other way would be to set a ceiling on the resultant of possible discounts ie. "not more than 20 %"  This option would be good, as it will allow individual promotions to run, without a need to adjust or delete them every time.  Hosts could rest assure that none of the stacks would cross the maximum they had set.  I would like to recommend this option to Booking.com management.

Claire - Accou…

Hello Laszlo Szekula,

Thank you for your message. I understand your point. Depending on where your property is, the Mobile Rate can actually work really well for last minute bookings, as well as filling your rooms a head of time too. In my opinion I would turn off the Last Minute Deal as Mobile Rate can get last minute bookings for you. The other thing you can do is use 'Country Rates' instead. Choose the domestic only option and this will work to target anyone on desktop. It does not stack discounts on Mobile and you'll have all 3 tools running. The max discount will be 20%. 


Also for any feedback - kindly do this in your extranet. On the bottom of your screen you'll see the 'provide feedback' button. 


Kind regards,