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Payment…no Payment!!!

Hi Dear Partners!


BDC hasn’t paid me since August…many excuses but not payment!!!


Has anybody else having same struggles!!!

Please BDC settle this serious issue!!!



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BrookAve 2 months ago


wow, that still going on. I cant understand how a dev team cant learn how ITL IT standard works, and have Change Requests for all changes to a production system and have a backup and a back out plan when it goes wrong or breaks .


Its possible they have now done this but the back log has to be manually processed for 1000s or 10000s of partners.


if only they just said that or similar, eat humble pie and fess up they screwed up.


Communities Team  feedback


Kind Regards


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M Adamopoulou 2 months ago

Hi Barry,

Very sorry for all this situation….


No reply from Finance Team…only automated messages apologizing and nothing more…


Cannot understand what has happened to excellent BDC support team…

I haven’t submit my declaration revenue to my tax authorities…and I am afraid I will also have to pay a fine for payments that I haven’t even receive…..and BDC doesn’t bother to reply to me!! 

Hope they reply to all partners…