Payout options other than through booking.com

Hi, I'm looking for information on how I can set up a paymet option through a bank of my choice including country of choice. Booking.com only offers to add bank details with EUR IBAN. I'd like to use a Russian bank (eur account), but my property is in EU. Previously it was restricting the country directly, now I see that it just requires IBAN (which Russian banks don't have).

So basically my question is - how to add and what are the options to add payment methods other than through booking.com with account in the country of property? What happens if I deactivate "payment through booking" (which somehow got activated by itself), what can I add as payment method then?

P. S. Anyway, now I can't add even EU account as the option just doesn't work. I enter the data but there's no "save" button...((( 







that sounds like russian based owners are restricted.



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