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Using a bank account in another country to receive payments

 My property on Booking.com is in South Africa but I live in the UK. 

Previously this was not a problem as I simply gave guests my South African bank details when asking for payments. However, now that Booking.com take payments and then send them to me, I can't seem to use my South African bank account for receiving payments - even though they are being received by Booking.com in South African Rand. I have tried to find someone at Booking.com to help with this - but they have been hugely unhelpful.

As it stands, I have to have the money paid into my UK bank account then transferred by me to South Africa. This incurs bank charges and also 2 lots of currency transactions which lose me significant sums of money.

Can anyone help me with how to have my South African bank account made the account for receipt of payments?


Cape Robin Cottage 1 month ago

Apart from the fact that there is no Send a Message link where it says there should be, there is also no way to send a new message from the Inbox section.

Please tell me how I change my UK bank details for my South African bank details given these issues. I'm afraid that this is just typical of the absolutely awful service your company gives.