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Witholding my payment for verification

Why are booking.com withholding my payment and making my property non bookable making me lose income till they verify. Surely this should be done before you have guests which I have had and my payment is now 1 month overdue.


This needs to be highlighted to the media .!!!


Catherine Glausiusz 1 month ago

Hi Yvonne - yes I’m in the 6th week now. I keep calling - they haven’t even looked into doing the verification yet…!!Lost our Christmas business as a result (it’s the main booking calendar here). Our payments have been withheld for ages (bookings from October. We are now in December!!!) Was told to make a complaint 2 weeks ago. So I did but got nothing back. Called again today (a week after). All the lady said was that she’d log another complaint. (Nothing back). Appears this takes months to sort. Pretty illegal if you ask me. The fact they cannot unblock you just whilst sorting out their admin backlog issue is ridiculous. New property owners should be warned. Who wants to be with a booking site that doesn’t actually send you guests payments? 






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Jarratt - Acco… 1 month ago

Hi Yvonne and Catherine, it sounds like you have both already followed the official channels to highlight your issue. The relevant internal teams are aware of the frustration this is causing, and working through the support queue as quickly as practical. It has been escalated locally by my colleagues as well, and I can assure you that this is a known, priority issue to be resolved. 


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