Wrongful Reporting Invoice

Hello, In July I had a no show and marked it as such.  She messaged the next day saying she would provide me with an arrival time, and I messaged back that she had been booked for the previous night, but we would try to find a place.  She never messaged back or showed up and I thought nothing of it. Then, with no previous communication, I get an invoice almost two weeks in to September labelled incorrect reporting and charging commission on the no show. To be clear, we do not have facilities to collect from a credit card for a no show.  We were not paid for the no show. We were never notified the no show was disputed, or asked.  We were simply billed. I immediately wrote to dispute the invoice (September 12) Had to do it from PC since the phone app asked me to select a property from a list of no properties.....  Got the email off, heard nothing.  I looked for numbers to call (not where it was before), wrote again, and then 5 days later again, then on the 23rd. Finally found the number (now hidden in small letters when you actually compose an email on the right) and called, to be told I should have responded earlier.  I told the lady I had responded immediately and several times, and she checked, and told me, yes I had, and to the right department and they would get back to me.  I told her the bill was now showing overdue.  She suggested I pay it and when it was sorted Booking would refund it if the payment was in error.  I suggested I send her an invoice and she should pay it and then dispute it, and if I was in error I would refund her later.  (Honestly!  Who thinks it is acceptable to encourage someone to pay money they do not owe on the basis that they may get it back in the future?!!!?) Waited, still nothing. Called again, same lady, same advice. Wrote again on the 28th.  No reply. 1 October.  Still being prompted to pay an invoice I do not owe. 90 percent of my bookings come through this platform.  If I thought my business would survive without it, I would have left long ago.   Booking.com, lowering the bar.....  

Ismini Karali

Almost same here

We had some credit invoices from last year, and after a lot of time (i think it took more than 8 months!), we finally received an email saying that we should deduct this amount from the next commission invoice. We did it for the invoice of July. What a surprise, they still keep it as unpaid... Although they accepted the payment for the next invoice!

Hope that we won't have any other bad surprises and that they will be finally able to do the math!

Erik Petersen

Nearly 1 month and still no answer.

I am not paying normal invoices.   May lose the service of Booking,  but if they find it perfectly acceptable to not respond for 30 days, i find it perfectly acceptable to not pay for the service.