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Setting up pricing per guest through your Connectivity provider

Updated 5 months ago | 4 min read time

Pricing per guest can help increase your bookings as well as improve your property’s ranking and visibility in search results. It’s a pricing strategy that allows you to maximise occupancy in your more spacious and valuable rooms or units – which are usually harder to fill – by offering pricing tailored to the number of guests staying in it.

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Understanding pricing per guest

Pricing per guest allows you to set different prices for the same room or unit based on the number of guests staying in it. For example, if you’ve only set one price for a quadruple room based on the assumption that four guests are staying in it, you might miss out on bookings from groups of less than four.

With pricing per guest, you can offer this same room to groups of two or three, or even solo guests, by showing them different prices. You’ll always be in control of the discounted rates and the number of sub-occupancies you want to offer.

Here’s an example of pricing per guest:

Quadruple room with standard pricing

  • Price for one to four guests: £100

Quadruple room with pricing per guest

  • Price for four guests: £100
  • Price for three guests: £90
  • Price for two guests: £75
  • Price for one guest: £60

You can also make your larger rooms more appealing to solo travellers by using pricing per guest and offering them tailored rates. The adjusted rate you offer guests is always up to you.

Activating pricing per guest

You can set up pricing per guest directly through your Connectivity provider, if they support this functionality. These are the three types of pricing models you can use to set it up:

  • Occupancy-based pricing (OBP): specify the price for each guest per night
  • Length-of-stay pricing (LOS): specify the price for each guest per night for a length of stay
  • Derived pricing: specify rules to calculate the price per guest based on your standard per-night price for a particular room or unit

Contact your Connectivity provider and ask them if it’s possible to switch your property’s pricing model to one of the models mentioned above. If yes, they need to enable it for all your eligible* rooms or units, room-rate combinations – such as breakfast included, non-refundable or free cancellation – as well as for all bookable dates. If your Connectivity provider doesn’t support any of these pricing models, you may still be able to set up pricing per guest via the extranet. Learn more about this here.

*You can only set up pricing per guest for rooms or units that can accommodate more than one guest. The maximum number of guests can be configured in your extranet, by clicking on Property, then on Room Details.

If you’re having trouble setting up pricing per guest, please contact us via your extranet inbox.

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