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Setting up pricing per guest through your Connectivity provider

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Pricing per guest can help increase your bookings and improve your property’s ranking and visibility in search results. It’s a pricing strategy that allows you to maximise occupancy at your property by offering pricing tailored to the number of guests staying in them.

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Understanding pricing per guest

Pricing per guest allows you to set different rates for the same room or unit based on the number of guests staying in it. For example, if you’ve only set one rate for a triple room based on the assumption that three guests are staying in it, you might miss out on bookings from groups of less than three.

With pricing per guest, you can offer this same room to groups of three or two, or even solo guests, by showing them relevant prices. You’ll always be in control of the discounted rates and the number of sub-occupancies you want to offer.

You can only set up pricing per guest for rooms or units that can accommodate more than one guest.

This is the price breakdown for a triple occupancy room with standard pricing:

  • Rate for maximum occupancy of three guests: €100
  • The same rate applies for double occupancy and solo occupancy

This is the price breakdown for the same room with pricing per guest:

  • Rate for maximum occupancy of three guests: €100
  • Rate for double occupancy: €95
  • Rate for solo occupancy: €90

Understanding pricing per guest models

You can set up pricing per guest if your Connectivity provider supports one of the below pricing models:

  • Occupancy-based pricing (OBP): specifies the rate for each guest per night
  • Length of stay pricing (LOS): specifies the rate for each guest per night for a length of stay
  • Derived pricing: specifies rules to calculate the rate per guest based on your standard per-night rate for a particular room or unit

Read this article to learn more about these pricing per guest models.

Activating pricing per guest

If you use a channel manager or a property management system to manage your property, we recommend that you set up pricing per guest directly through your Connectivity provider’s platform

Here’s how to check if your provider has enabled this functionality:

  1. Log in to the extranet
  2. Click Account
  3. In the dropdown menu, select Connectivity provider
  4. Under Rates & Availability, check whether at least one of the pricing per guest models is highlighted in green

If at least one of the three pricing models is highlighted in green, you should be able to activate pricing per guest. You can check in your system if the functionality is ready to use or you can have it enabled by contacting your provider. If none of them are highlighted in green, you can ask your Connectivity provider to enable them for your property.

Alternatively, you may still be able to set up pricing per guest on the extranet. Learn how to do this here.

If you’re having trouble setting up pricing per guest, email us via your extranet inbox with the subject line “Request to migrate to pricing per guest”.

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