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Activating and using online check-in

Updated 11 months ago | 3.5 min read time

Our online check-in feature makes it easier for you to collect the information you need from your guests when they arrive at your property. It can also help speed up the process and make it more convenient for your guests. This article contains the information you need to know about activating and using this feature.

What’s in this article

Benefits of online check-in

The online check-in feature:

  • helps you speed up check-in by collecting your guests’ passport or ID card details and other information electronically before they arrive
  • lets you automatically send your guests instructions for access to your property and checking in without physical contact if desired
  • is available to guests in 43 languages, translated by us
  • is integrated with your Connectivity or check-in provider so that you can keep all of your guest information in one place
  • helps make social distancing easier, since guests don’t need to wait at your reception desk or front door to check in face-to-face

How online check-in works

  1. Your guests receive an automated check-in email or notification 48 hours before they are due to arrive at your property. 
  2. They enter the information you need, such as their passport or ID card details, on our website or Android app.
  3. We tell guests how to pick up their keys once they’ve completed online check-in.
  4. You can access your guests’ details and manage all your check-in information using your Connectivity provider’s interface.
  5. Your guests arrive and can pick up their keys quickly and easily without having to wait at your reception desk or front door.

How to activate online check-in

We’ve teamed up with check-in and Connectivity providers to make online check-in possible for you. The feature uses APIs to make the experience secure and seamless for both you and your guests.

Ask your Connectivity provider if they currently offer the online check-in feature. Your provider can find out more about offering this feature by contacting us at

If your Connectivity provider already supports online check-in, they can give you more information about how to activate it via their interface.

What to do once you’ve activated online check-in

After you activate online check-in with your Connectivity provider, make sure you adapt your regular automated guest communications such as check-in messaging. This will help make sure your guests don’t receive the same information twice.

You should also manage your check-ins using your Connectivity provider’s interface instead of in the extranet. If you have questions about how to do that, check with your provider.

To find out more about online check-in, take a look at these FAQs.

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