The Connectivity Configuration Error page

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What is this page?

The Configuration Errors page lets connected properties know about availability related errors. Note that it is only available to connected properties (that use channel managers) that are experiencing availability related errors.

Why do these errors happen?

Errors can occur because properties try to update certain room and rate plans which are active from their Channel Manager, but not on Extranet, therefore generating discrepancies.

Where can properties find the page?  

  1. In the extranet, go to the “Rates & Availability” tab.

  2. Click on the “Calendar” tab.

  3. Once there, if you can see a banner on the top part of the page that says ‘There’s a mismatch of availability and rates between your channel manager and’, click on the ‘Fix the issue’ link.

  4. From there, you will be redirected to the “Configuration Errors” page.

Note: if a property does not have any availability related errors, they will not be able to access the page!  

Which information is available from the page?

Depending on the error experienced, properties will be made aware of which room or rate plans need acting upon.

Which actions can be taken on the page?

Depending on which room and rate plan is showing an error, properties can do the following:

  1. Clicking on “Add missing room (or rate) type” button: this action will redirect the property to the ”Rate Plans” page, available under the “Rates & Availability” tab. From here properties can activate the room or rate plan that is missing as they would normally do.

  2. Dismissing the notification by clicking on the ‘Dismiss’ button: properties that choose this should also deactivate the erroneous room and rate plan from their channel manager. As a result, further options are provided:  

  • Maybe later: the notification will be silenced until the error occurs again.

  • I’ll fix the issue on ‘My Provider’: the notification will be dismissed.

What happens when properties click on ‘I’ll fix the issue on ‘My Provider’?

In these situations, we suggest that partners fix any encountered issues within their channel manager interface. Room and rate plan issues can easily be found by searching for their codes, which are also provided in the Connectivity Configuration Error page.

What do these errors mean?

  • Rate not active for room: the property might be trying to update availability for a room with a rate that has not been activated on the Extranet, for that specific room.

  • Rate does not exist for room: the property might be trying to update availability for a room, with a rate that does not exist, for that specific room.

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