What is the Connectivity Partner Programme?

Updated 2 months ago

At Booking.com, we have partnered with a variety of connectivity providers (including channel managers and property management systems) to make sure our partners have access to, and can choose from, the best products and services.

We want to make sure our partnership with connectivity providers continuously helps our accommodation partners grow their business’. So in order to maintain high-quality partnerships, we have created a system called the Connectivity Partner Programme.

The programme is designed to encourage connectivity providers to take specific actions that benefit the accommodations they work with. In return for each action these providers complete, they receive points as part of the programme.

Connectivity providers are rewarded when they offer quality connections as well as a range of useful products and services. They also earn points when they help us test new products, or share specific feedback with us.

Depending on their score, these providers will be in one of three tiers in the programme. The tiers reflect their overall performance and can help you identify which providers might be the right fit for your business.

What are the tiers in the Connectivity Partner Programme?

In the programme, connectivity providers earn points which translate into an overall score. Depending on their score, partners will be in the Standard, Advanced or Premier tier.

As soon as a provider starts working with Booking.com, they’re enrolled in the Connectivity Partner Programme as a Standard partner. With these partners, you can safely update your Booking.com rates and availability, and retrieve your reservations via their system.

Advanced partners allow you to update your Booking.com rates, availability and retrieve your reservations. However, unlike Standard partners, they’ve adopted more products and therefore offer a wider range of functionalities on their system. The exact nature of these functionalities depends on the provider themselves.

Premier partners are our top and highest-value connectivity providers. These providers offer the most advanced systems, with the widest range of products and services. The quality of their connection is usually higher than Advanced partners, too.

How can I see which tier my connectivity service provider is in?

To see where your Connectivity provider stands in the Connectivity Partner Programme, log into your Booking.com extranet and click on ‘Account’, then ‘Connectivity provider’.

Here, you’ll see a list of the connectivity providers that are part of the Connectivity Partner Programme as well as their tier, their connection quality score, a link to their website and the chance to connect to them directly.

How do providers earn points?

Providers that are part of the Connectivity Partner Programme can earn points in the following categories:

  • Business Value. This score reflects how much business a connectivity provider generates and how they facilitate a quality onboarding process of properties.

  • Property Performance. This score is a reflection of how much providers actively help their properties improve performance – whether it’s boosting revenue, conversion or other performance metrics. This includes sharing information or advice about new products.

  • Products & Quality. Providers earn points when they adopt certain Booking.com APIs that are designed to help manage properties online.

  • Engagement. When providers share feedback with us, they can earn points. They can do this by participating in a research interview or beta-testing new products.


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